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Put your CDs up on the Wall!  Show Off Your Collection!

These CD clips allow you to hang your CDs and CD-ROMs on the wall, so that you can make any design or pattern you can dream-up!


Here's what one customer did with 180 CD Snaps in her game room!


How They Work:

You insert the jewel case into the left side of the clip, and then snap in the right side, so that the clip firmly holds the CD's jewel case.  

A special adhesive tape is used to attach the CD Snap to the wall.  (If you ever want to remove the CD Snap from the wall, you simply sever the foam tape with dental floss or a string.)


Once mounted to the wall, you can open the jewel case to remove the CD or CD-ROM without removing the case from the wall!




  • Easily mounts on wall with specially-designed tape strips!
  • Allows the Jewel Case to be opened without removing case from wall!
  • Make any design or pattern you wish!
  • Makes it easy to find the disk you're looking for!
  • Easy to remove from wall when desired!
  • Compact! You can fit 4 CDs in one square foot!
  • Proudly display the cover artwork or CD artwork!


This CD Display contains 55 compact disks!


Sorry, CD Snaps are sold-out until further notice. Bulk CD Snaps inquiries welcome.

Dealer or volume discount inquiries welcome!

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